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Southeast US Reiki Practitioners
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Southeast US Reiki Practitioners
Namaste and welcome Southeast Reiki Practitioners!

Please feel free to discuss anything Reiki-based.

Use Common sense when discussing anything in this community. Any abuse according to the FAQ's on lj_abuse or harassment towards any practitioners or Reiki in general will be dealt with accordingly. That's the only regualtion of this group, please feel free to speak otherwise.

Any questions about Reiki in your area of the US according to this map

are welcome, if this is not your area, please refer to the community of your region:
reiki_northeast, reiki_central, reiki_northwest, reiki_southwest.

Are you looking for a practitioner? A master/teacher, or questions about Reiki in general that can be answered by practitioners and members of your region.

Blessings in your journey!